Saturday, May 21, 2016

Talk Show Guest T.V. Terrestrial and DigitalRadio @TPRT @ChoiceTreasures

Jimmy Morris, Founder @TPRT

Texas Paranormal Research Team lead investigator, Jimmy Morris is now the official 'Go-To' for The History Channel, The Texas Library System, and the official investigating team of the America's Most Proclaimed Haunted Places. His most recent contributions being to the Travel Channel's investigative series on Haunted National Parks. 

America's most sought after Paranormal Investigator, Jimmy Morris from is announcing his return to the airwaves. Decades of investigation in the topics of Alien Sightings, Historical Hauntings, and abnormalities of nature make him one of the foremost authority on the unexplained. As a Radio Guest, Jimmy Morris brings the critical thinking that gives your audience a feeling of empowerment over the unknown. Booking JimmyMorris of TPRT, could not be easier. Send some dates and times. 
He deals directly with major booking scouts such as the TravelChannel and is often the fact-check authority for publishing and media powerhouses in the paranormal industry. ChoiceTreasures global paranormal affiliate Gert Brouwer of Paranormal Society World Netherlands says for a serious Investigator's second opinion he turns to Jimmy Morris. As a valued global contributor to the investigative field Jimmy Morris "is a professional researcher that can make the difference. He has a way of looking into things to increase others' ability. He is professional. He knows how to do it right and make sure everyone else knows how to do it right too!" 
We will be seeing more of Jimmy Morris on Cable. Until then, he would like to use this opportunity to reach out to what he loves most: the digital world of Radio to share some of his experiences, answer your listener's questions and offer a scientific yet spiritually intact approach to all things spooky and unexplained.  An accurate and knowledgeable guest. Now Booking

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