Monday, November 4, 2013

6 ways from Sunday kinda JELLY
This woman owned, women run company is the epic five star kind of business the wee women want to be doing in the near and present future. Right now there are women all over the world trying make it in the proverbial 'man's world' while modern day mommas are taking the PRIDE by the whiskers in stead of their tails in search of fertile hunting ground and away from manna mill, and they will have their fill. Their own website design gets 5 stars for * navigation and ease of use, * interaction and interest, * content and copy, * clearly defined objectives and and extra one for  * general awesomeness. Six women making a jelly kind of awesome, six ways from Sunday.
More than 8.3 million businesses - or 29% of all enterprises - are owned by women; the number of businesses owned by women continues to grow according to the American Express Report on Women-Owned Businesses. Women employ 5.5 million employees and are one of the fastest growing segments of the small business community. CNN Money reported that women own millions of businesses around the world, yet receive just a fraction of the money that large organizations spend each year on new business contracts. But a new initiative aims to change that -- in a big way. A half dozen corporate giants including wal-Mart, Coca-cola IBN and Exxon will award $1.5 Billion in contracts to women owned businesses between 2013 and 2018. Now is the time to partner with the girls and re-form those cliques!

This time it looks like it is boys against the girls, and the girls have got a good chance of winning! King of the mount ain, rule of the roost, .. TAG! Your it! Let's make it a fair game out there!
Lucy Diamond