Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gain benefit and get what you can out of a growth experience ...

Benefits of participation:
 Because Gemjin© is global (27 countries regularly tune in) and expansive (we have
stream access from all digital platforms) GLOBAL EXPOSURE is an undeniable benefit of
Gemjin participation.
 Gain Experience in a supportive environment. Experienced show hosts, producers, and
booking agents will help ensure your success as a Gemjin© Broadcaster
 Affordable and competitive fee structure for services.
 Special rates for event inclusion, training programs, and your personal bookings!
 Coop advertising to promote YOUR SHOW in New and Traditional media outlets.

Check out the show host form here: http://www.gemjin.com/assets/GemjinHOST.pdf


$10 Shout Out Drop
Call into the station line and leave a drop (up to 30 seconds) stating your name, the website/product or service you are representing, and the name of the show you want people to be hearing the drop on. Live Producer team will help you create a good drop, so don’t sweat it, just try it!

$100 Shout out Sponsor

Perfect choice if you want your drop played all month on the show and you would like us to make a downloadable version of the show available to you and your fans. The show will continue to play in rotation on the station encores (when we are not live) for up to a year, and your logo will placed on our marketing material and website as an official sponsor. (LIVE LINKS $25 extra)

visit www.gemjin.com

if you want to be a part of our next global expansion, and you are serious about your personal growth, comfortable with your ability to deal well with success, boldly believe in your product or service, and have a budget ready you can pay right there at www.gemjin.com and get it done.

Support the station that supports YOU

Gemjin© its THE place to BE