Thursday, September 17, 2015

R.I.P. .. forever be gone, may we hear your lyrics nevermore

Yes, it's true kiddies. We are sorry guys and gals. Put your panties back on and do your homework. These fools singing songs like second grade hold-backs rhyming words like 'Hoe" and "Joe" with "Street" "meat" "sheet" got no prose, no meaning, and no value. Dead are the beats and the bong bong bong with the dick sucking lyrics gone way too wrong. Get your titties outta his face and let him tie his shoe, it's something his whore mother shoulda taught him how to do. I say go-on boy, Velcro and forget about that bow. Go back to cooking meth, cuz it might be all you know. 

"Some kinda mood" 
feeling "some kinda way" 

R.I.P. Rap, sorry no one will miss you. 

Levon Garvasi