Monday, October 17, 2011

your platform at a crossroad

Together we have reached all of the goals set out for the community platform "Gemjin".

* We reached the top 1% for UK and top 10% on globally recognized statistical rankings,
* Published a Mix Tape CD
* Produced an on location music video
* Conducted video interviews
* Expanded to Gemjin TV
* Produced Internationally sourced shows
* Successfully produced results from targeted (International) marketing projects
* Successfully promoted scores of careers for musicians, artists, photographers, bloggers, writers, authors, speakers, teachers, and developers; who give testimony of the enhancements in their careers on the Gemjin website.

Gemjin has been a fun and rewarding project for me as Director of It was an opportunity for me to exercise all of the skills developed since 1987 with Choice Treasures marketing and introductions services. I am very proud of myself and of all of you.

Thank you to the angels that stick closer than brothers: David G Duke, Polo The Fur King, Joseph Donlan, and Swampy. I appreciate every person that encouraged the work we were able to accomplish. We have shows that represent the music, customs, religions and views from around the world. There is a reciprocal listener, contributor ratio. We know that people from around the world want to know what people on the other side are experiencing, and seeking common grounds with common solutions.

That work has been exciting and inspiring to me and I thank you all for riding down this road of discovery with me.

This time is now the cross road for to set goals for the 2012 projects. We currently have April 2012 Live Soiree in New England that I hope many of you will participate in. Lodging and logistics are being worked out for great a get away package to a Gemjin Mixer.

Together we have 2 weeks to raise the funds to keep our shows such as the Nationally recognized Parents on the Move show whose hosts have partnered with the United Way, Global Missions, and the presidents initiative on Father Hood Program; Ordaining Reality whose world renown host is internationally recognized for his research in the process of personal development and so much more.

To the hosts who see and recognize that Gemjin participation has added value to their careers, to the communities, provided a resource for advancing ideas, acceptance of diverse morals and ethics, to participants the network provide a place to glean ideas and gain momentum of inspiration, for the artists who wish begin to explore their careers in pertaining to the values of this station, we are counting on you to move forward. We are here for you, thats what the station is about, the hosts the listners the participants and the people of the global community who are benefiting from this great work and who appreciate the stand point that the gemjin community and the intuitive life network represent. Inclusion, acceptance and allowance to be think do and create all that you can every moment of your life. If we have affected you in some way shape or form we urge you to contribute to the fund to pay the Gemjin fees due on October 31 2011. No tricks just treats.

Keep the live call in number open, the platform broadcasting, the digital streams open, the content flowing, the product developing and productions highlighting YOU and your peers.

If you, the community, contribute enough to pay 1/2 of the expense to keep the broadcasting platform open I will personally put up the other 1/2 and publish one year goals for ways Gemjin will create opportunities for you to grow in measurable ways. Should the platform remain open for another year Intuitive Life Network will, with your help, set the first goal or becoming a 501.c3 certified community.

There is a donation link in the bottom right corner of home page. You can contribute $1 or $1000 its up to you to keep the platform open.

The personal goals of all contributors will be considered in developing the goals for 2012 initiatives at Gemjin and Intuitive Life Network with the full support of Choice Treasures teams, advisers, and beneficiaries.