Friday, September 20, 2013

consumer advise 'stop friggin calling us !! '

You CAN get your number on the do not call list. (cell too) at : They have 30 days to remove it. Legit telemarketers must put their call list through a program at the registry to keep their license, that is how your number is removed. If they call after the 30 days AND you track the number, time, day, content of the call, input the information on a report at the DNC registry.  ( report here : ) Every infraction after the 30 days allows you to sue them for $1200 PER INFRACTION. More of us have to do this for it to work. Governemnt agencies, Non profits, and companies you have done business with in the last 90 days are exempt. I hope this empowers those who may be frustrated.
(formerly USA Based Choice Call Center)